Jason Parker Art





2019 Solo show, STOCKROOM Gallery, Melbourne Australia. 

There is a force at play that is propelling humanity forward. It is both within us, and also separate from us. Just as we are simultaneously both a part of nature and estranged from nature. Whatever the case we are living in the shift.
These works seek to visualize what Jason considers to be our current state: people decoupled from nature, traversing a rapidly changing world proliferated by our desire to push forth no matter what.
From afar the works appear fairly representational, depicting both figures and floral/fauna elements. It is only on closer inspection that one begins to see just how much the motifs have shifted into the realm of abstraction, and fragmentation, and are of an unsettled state.
All lines have been blurred and it becomes apparent that the reality that has been depicted is one that has been heavily synthesized. Much as the world around us continues to become.
We exist between two worlds: one that we have harmed greatly and one that we desire to bring about. For right now we are in a state of afflux; whether towards doomsday or eutopia it is too soon to tell.



2018 Solo show, Juddy Roller Gallery, Melbourne Australia. 

Life as we know it...

It is the greatest of gifts. Every part of this collectively individual predetermined existence in which you carve out your own path amongst a community 7 billion strong.
A community loosely strung together with fiber optic cables and data packages.
Can you stream Kinship? Are you able to download true connection?
Or are we destined to wander these unknown information highways? Where we struggle to stay afloat the constant stream of content.
The floodgates are open and there is no closing them.
How are we to cope? For how long can we struggle against the tide?
At what point do we find ourselves lost out at sea? Stranded, overwhelmed and numb.
7 billion micro universes, each one complex, unique and home to an untold amount of ideas, stories and beliefs ready to be uploaded and distributed to the masses.  
The information age is well and truly upon us. Overwhelmed, isolated and completely surrounded. Ain't it such a contradiction much like the rest of life.




I close the door behind me, lock it, then deadlock it. I’ve already put out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. The room is large, empty, save for a small desk that sits in the center. I make my way to the window to assimilate the view; I am greeted by a familiar sight, the scene below, born 26 years ago, changing daily. Untarnished views that stretch to a horizon that is ever growing–structures fall–new ones erected–I take it all in.

On top of the desk sits a small stack of paper, a pencil and a modest lamp. I flick the switch on the lamp, the desk basks in a warm yellow glow, the walls become a canvas to a small amount of this light–walls not formed with steel and concrete but with experiences, emotions, and insight. I take one last look at the view, take a seat and begin to draw.