Jason Parker is a fine artist/mural artist from New Zealand currently living in Berlin Germany. His work is designed to be ambiguously evocative and emotive, rendering the spirit, states of consciousness, and capturing dreamlike moments. Jason often paints visual metaphor-type portraits, figures, and scenarios capturing the moments and feelings that language fails to express. Consistently working on both studio and mural work Jason can be found moving from the confines of his studio, into the galleries and out onto the streets.


  • March 2018 'Overwhelmed By It All' Juddy Roller, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • March 2016 'Room With A View' Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • February 2015 ‘Just Passing Through’ Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • October 2013 ‘NOODLE’ Little Tengu gallery, Preston, Melbourne


  • February 2018 'Beautiful Banal', Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • June 2017 'Aberration' Rose Lane, Melbourne CBD
  • November 2017 'Hear me Out' Contemporary arts precinct, Collingwood, Melbourne 
  • January 2017 'Pant Active', Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • October 2016 "Outside the Box' No Vacancy gallery, Melbourne CBD
  • April 2016 'Awake', Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • April 2016 'Varial, Skate Deck Show' No Vacancy gallery, Melbourne CBD
  • March 2016 '9th Birthday Show' Off the Kerb gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • July 2015 'Paint V2' Melbourne Arts Club, Preston
  • October 2014 ‘ Booooooom X Herschal, Drawing on the Past’ Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver
  • September 2014 ‘Small Works’ Fawn galley, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • July 2014 ‘The State In Between’ two man show Off the Kerb, Collingwood, Melbourne
  • July 2015 Paint 'ver2' Melbourne Arts Club, Preston, Melbourne
  • February 2014 ‘Melbourne Arts Club Lunch’ Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne CBD


  • 2017 Little Orr st alongside Shawn Lu, Queenstown Tasmania 
  • 2016 Frys Storage alongside RONE, Adnate and Sofles, Fitzroy 
  • 2016 Bar Liberty, Collingwood
  • 2016 Art Spectrum HQ, Brunswick East 
  • 2016 Grand Prix, Melbourne
  • 2016 Off The Kerb gallery, Collingwood
  • 2015 Off The Kerb gallery, Collingwood
  • 2015 Little Tengu gallery, Preston
  • 2015 Melbourne Arts Club gallery, Preston
  • 2014 little Tengu gallery, Preston


  • 2017 five week residency at Q Bank gallery Queenstown Tasmania


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